Sunday, November 23, 2008

Plagiarism (and copyright)

Guidelines and Resources for Avoiding Plagiarism from the Public Schools of North Carolina is a great resource for students, parents, and teachers about plagiarism. As I have told others, many o the copyright problems actually border on plagiarism.

For example, a work that is free to use but needs attributed not violates copyright if it is not attributed to the original owner. It also is an example of plagiarism as you are pretending that the work is your own.

Another source of plagiarism is the confusion with what is considered paraphrasing and plagiarism. According to this source, students may change too much of the original or not change it enough. Sometimes they may keep the grammatical structure intact with only changing a few of the words.

Check out the resources above. The more information that we have and the more discussions we create about this topic will only serve to make us better users of information.

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