Sunday, October 19, 2008

Learning spelling lists...

...are always a problem with students. Traditional methods allow them to study, and though they may seem confident, results on spelling tests may be different. Create some fun and learn spelling lists using Spelling City.

Vicki Davis writes
Today, a new day is dawning when we can actually differentiate instruction. It is a brand new day and I see amazing results with my own children. (Like my first grader with spelling city.) Using technology to accommodate is a MUST do not a nice to do.

If you are an educator, take a second to consider that child you're struggling with and imagine that you were them. How would you see you?

Tools are not just great things to add to a classroom but are a must for differentiating instruction for all students.

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Anonymous said...

Nice link, Louise. I am going to send this out to the elementary teachers. Thanks!-Missy