Thursday, July 10, 2008

Using blogs in the classroom group 2

Choose one of the blogs linked below to review for your group. We are identifying what we like about specific blog purpose or goals, blog uses, motivation for students, etc.

Additionally, we are interested in what you can take away for use in your own classroom.

Write a comment about your thoughts and comment to this post. Remember to find a positive, a question or further thought that can be expanded on, and ways to begin a conversation. Be sure to link the blog you are discussing in your comment.

Read other comments in this post and continue the conversation. There are three other groups and different blogs links there. I encourage you to comment on the other posts too.

Your groups links:


Anonymous said...

I would encourage correct spelling when having students post blogs of educational value.

pahs said...

I was looking at the Google headquarters blog

pahs said...

I agrei wif u

Anonymous said...

whatch u talkin bout willis?